CHEMK UV-400 is a liquid hydroxyphenyl-triazine(HPT) UV absorber which provides excellent performance in coatings due to:

●Very high thermal stability and performance for coatings exposed to high bake cycles and/or extreme environmental conditions;

●Hydroxy functionality to minimize migration, 

●High photo stability for long life performance

●High concentration for maximum efficiency

CHEMK UV-400 has been developed as an interaction-free UV absorber for use in amine and /or metal catalyzed coating systems and coatings applied on base-coats or substrates containing such catalysts.


CAS NO.: 153519-44-9

Physical Properties:

Appearance : viscous, slightly yellow to yellow liquid 

Density: 1.07g/cm3

Miscibility: miscible with most customary organic solvents; practically immiscible with water


CHEMK UV-400 is designed to fulfil the high performance and durability needs of waterborne, solvent borne and 100% solids automotive and industrial finishes. Its low color and stability make it an excellent choice for all coatings where low color characteristics are ideal for use in combination with the newest generation photo initiators to provide durable UV clear coats.

CHEMK UV-400 is recommended to the following applications:

● Waterborne, solvent borne and 100% solids automotive and industrial finishes;

● Automobile OEM coating and repair paint coating system catalyzed by ammonium or metal;

● UV cured coating;

● Industrial coatings

The protective effects of UV-400 can be enhanced when used in combinations with a HALS light stabilizer such as UV-123 or UV-292. These combinations improve the durability of clear coats by retarding gloss reduction, delamination, cracking and blistering.