CHEMK UV-99-2 is a liquid UV absorber of the hydroxyphenyl-benzotriazole class developed for coatings. Its very high thermal stability and environmental permanence makes it suitable for coatings exposed to high bake cycles and/or extreme environmental conditions. It has been designed to fulfill the high performance and durability requirements of automotive and industrial high quality finishes. Its broad UV absorption allows efficient protection of light sensitive base coats or substrates such as wood and plastics.


CAS NO.:127519-17-9

Physical Properties 

Appearance: Light yellow liquid 

Viscosity at20ºC: 2600-3600mPa.s 

Density at20ºC: 1.07 g/cm3


CHEMK UV-99-2 is recommended for coating such as: 

● Trade sales paints, especially wood stains and dark color paint.

● General industrial applications

● High-bake industrial systems (e.g. Coil coatings, Solar membrane, Solar energy) 

The performance provided by UV-99-2 is enhanced when used in combination with a HALS stabilizer such as LS-292 or LS-123.These combinations improve the durability of coatings by inhibiting or retarding the occurrence of failures such as gloss reduction, cracking, chalking, color change, blistering and delamination.

If the color of UV-99-2 has a great influence on the system, UV-384-2 is recommended as a potential alternative.